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Lo—TEK is an award-winning, bestselling book, which has inspired — a design movement to rebuild an understanding of indigenous philosophy and vernacular architecture to generate sustainable, climate resilient infrastructures. . . expanding the definition of contemporary technology.” 

Written by Julia Watson and published by Taschen in 2019, Lo—TEK creates an alternative but parallel story about the evolution of technology that is inclusive, sustainable and based on nature.

Design by

Radical Indigenism

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"The Lo—TEK Living Curriculum, created in collaboration with Melissa Hunter Gurney of The Omni Institute, was written to accompany the book Lo—TEK Designs by Radical Indigenism. This curriculum for high school students addresses the future of our environment, reignites dismissed voices and ensures access to phenomena and land-based education, with interdisciplinary exploration and thinking. Although we aren't teaching how to build Lo—TEK explicitly, the Lo—TEK Curriculum opens students to a new way of understanding technology for climate resilience. Available to educators, students gain an understanding of indigenous technologies and practices that expose connectivity to their own histories, local landscapes and current views. 

Lo—TEK, an acronym for

(Lo)cal + (T)raditional

(E)cological (K)nowledge


Watch Julia's TED Talk here with links to press below.

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