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A place where Ecology & Spirituality Collide

Nature-based technologies are increasingly the answer to complex issues faced by cities.The Lo—TEK Living Curriculum offers various perspectives, by addressing the following questions:

How can the built environment and indigenous philosophy co-create a sustainable future?

How can stakeholders from youth to policy makers engage in this process?



Scholar Material

Offered as a web interface for secondary and college level students as well as individual and community learners including:

  • Identity Research

  • Concept Exploration

  • Synthesis

  • Phenomena-based Thesis Project

  • Access to Lo-TEK knowledge-sharing network

  • Empowers learners to make personal connections to who they are, where they come from and why they are here.

  • Embodies creative projects around core concepts embedded in our environmental landscape.

  • Enhances interdisciplinary-minded thinking through a connective embodiment of diverse sectors.

Facilitator Material

Offered as a PDF resource for institutional and organizational memberships. 

  • Sample learning plans

  • Discussion protocols and guides

  • Lists of potential virtual and in person speakers

  • Lists of potential land based learning initiatives

  • Transferable templates for furthering autonomy around note-taking, writing, reflection and more...

  • Guides pedagogues through sample learning plans.

  • Provides creative options for laying out the curriculum for schools—a unit, a semester, a year or a four year sequence—. Whether a research class, an English class, a science and history collaboration or an elective. Or, an organization—a series of professional developments, a one-week deep dive.

  • Offers innovative resources that enhance any purpose or learning atmosphere.

  • Inspires post secondary exploration and overall understanding of life purpose. 

Phenomena Based Project

Offered as a web interface including:

  • Thesis project developed through individual  curiosities and interests  

  • Engaging project page and community forum

  • Opportunities to challenge and build contemporary realities and norms through indigenous, nature-based systems

  • May follow a traditional track that uplifts academic, collegiate research and ends in a proper thesis with a round table presentation.

  • May take a more hands on, community approach that leads into working with a local organization in order to learn or influence justice work, design practices, and integration of knowledge.

  • May be geared around technological innovation and the creation of new technologies that get presented to government officials.

  • The options are endless. 

Land Based Learning

Offered as online material through partnership with The Omni Institute, including;

  • Availability for land-based learning experiences 

  • Opportunities for outdoor, nature-based learning and connection

  • Offers access to nature-scapes across New York State and beyond.

  • Gives scholars an opportunity to connect and design in nature.

  • Lends itself to inquiry through observation and exploration of flora, fauna and self.

  • Practices giving gratitude to found art, groupthink and the transcendent power of natural environments.  

Offered as a web interface for all learners, including:

  • Interactive platform for sharing Lo—TEK curriculum projects 

  • Online forum for communication with other students, educators, and indigenous advisors 

Community Space

  • Rehumanizing—reconnecting with the wholeness of our world, ourselves and our communities.

  • A place for storytelling, discussion, co-planning and creating.

  • A place for us to truly figure out—who we are, why we are here and what it is we are supposed to do now.

  • A place to thrive and innovate with thinkers, designers and change-makers all over the world. 

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