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Innovative, low cost, nature based tech created with the soul purpose of regeneration and wholesome livelihood. 


The Lo—TEK


Money as a barrier to regenerative, nature based innovation. When profit margins are involved two goals emerge—

ease and efficiency to ensure monetary gain and long term production as well as complexity to ensure individuals and other corporations can't mimic or reproduce the product on their own. What does this mean for technological evolution? What gets compromised when these forces are at play? 

Reflect on the evolution of the lawn mower

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 3.28.36 PM.png

As seen above, lawns became marketable trends that could be sold along with the vision of lawn care which brought other marketable products necessary to keep your lawn thriving—


  • Pesticides

  • ​Excessive amounts of water and watering systems

  • Fertilizer

  • Lawn mowers

Are any of the marketable products and visions beneficial to human or community health and well being or the regeneration of the natural environment?

How would technological advancement have been different if, instead of lawns, the vision was maintaining a wild and fruitful forest garden?

If instead of buying products and systems to make more water we invested in natural water collection and working with natures water system rather than building our own? 

What happens to the following technologies if we remove ease and profit as the driving forces and choose to focus solely on empowering nature—regeneration and biodiversity—and the health and wellbeing of humanity? 

If we look closely at the ten technologies highlighted in Lo—TEK Design by Radical Indigenism we know that the regeneration of nature and the health and well being of community members can be the driving force of invention.
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